The Pint Vancouver’s Throwback Thursdays

A Night of Throwback Jams & $5.50 Everything Menu

Show Up and Enjoy!

Relive the golden era of music every Thursday at The Pint Vancouver, where the classics never fade away. Get ready to groove to your favourite old-school hits while sipping on our selection of beverages — all for just $5.50! Don’t miss the chance to make new memories with the old tunes you love.

The Pint Vancouver, a cornerstone in the bustling city’s nightlife scene, offers the ideal bar and entertainment venue blend. Known for its welcoming atmosphere, engaging events, and extensive menu, it is a hub for locals and tourists alike. The venue’s allure extends beyond the typical expectations of a bar, offering a platform for community engagement and high-quality entertainment. It’s a place where memories are made, friendships forged, and good times guaranteed.

One of The Pint Vancouver’s standout features is its weekly Throwback Thursdays, influenced by everyone’s love for throwback jams and discounted drinks. This recurring event is specifically designed to appreciate our commitment to its community. Throwback Thursdays are not just gatherings but celebrations, providing an opportunity to unwind and enjoy a night full of throwback jams and discounted prices. With the backdrop of nostalgia-inducing throwback music, guests find themselves transported to yesteryears, creating a fun and familiar atmosphere that resonates with many.

Industry Throwback Thursday promo | The Pint Vancouver
Throwback Thursday dancing | The Pint Vancouver

Setting the Stage

Known for our top-notch service and friendly staff, The Pint Vancouver is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. It has earned a reputable name among locals and tourists. It’s not just a place to grab a pint — it’s a community nexus where everyone feels right at home. The sound of clinking glasses, the ebb and flow of laughter, and the undertone of engaging conversations fill the air, creating a lively and comfortable atmosphere.

The $5.50 Everything Menu

The crowning jewel of Throwback Thursdays at The Pint Vancouver is undeniably the $5.50 Everything Menu. This special menu provides incredible value for attendees, allowing them to enjoy an extensive selection of meals and drinks at the significantly discounted price of just $5.50.

The food and beverages offered are affordable and maintain the high-quality standard that The Pint Vancouver is synonymous with. This inexpensive menu is not just a deal – it demonstrates The Pint Vancouver’s commitment to appreciating throwback classics and good times.

The $5.50 Everything Menu is a tangible affirmation of gratitude, ensuring that those who work hard to provide great service can enjoy a night off without breaking the bank.

Nostalgia at Its Finest

The ambiance created through nostalgic music and decor is a major element that defines the Industry Throwback Thursdays at The Pint Vancouver and sets it apart. The venue transforms into a memory lane, with decor that nods to the past, fostering a sense of familiarity and comfort. The music blaring from the speakers is a mix of hits from yesteryears that never fail to bring back waves of nostalgia.

These throwback tunes lighten the mood and stimulate a sense of community as guests bond over shared memories associated with the music. The tunes are carefully picked and played to entertain and pay homage to the past, making guests feel like they’ve stepped into a time machine. Complemented by the music, the decor provides the perfect setting for reminiscing and creating new memories.

This unique blend of nostalgic music and decor is more than just a backdrop; it’s a crucial part of the Throwback Thursdays experience at The Pint Vancouver.

Friends holding up shot glasses together. | The Pint Vancouver

Unwind and Have a Great Time

Industry Throwback Thursdays at The Pint Vancouver is a remarkable weekly occasion that places at its core recognition and appreciation. It’s not just an event but an experience – a vibrant mix of camaraderie, nostalgia, entertainment, and delicious food and drink.

The standout feature, the $5.50 Everything Menu, offers an affordable yet high-value experience, providing a vast array of fun times at a reduced price.

Come on down to The Pint Vancouver for Throwback Thursday music and enjoy the best content of the past. Grab your pals, raise a glass, and let the timeless tracks take you on a journey. Get ready to enjoy what makes every Thursday a throwback adventure at The Pint Vancouver.

Join us on Thursdays and indulge in all the things you enjoy. See you there!