The Pint Vancouver Music Selection Follows BC Place Concert Artists

Keep the Party Going

The Pint Vancouver is a vibrant bar nestled in the heart of the city, just a stone’s throw away from BC Place stadium – a renowned concert and world-class events venue in Vancouver. Known for its lively atmosphere and eclectic music selection, we aim to be the place to be for those looking to continue the party after an exciting concert at BC Place. We keep the good vibes rolling, consistently delivering a memorable night out, mirroring the energy and spirit of the neighbouring BC Place events.

At The Pint Vancouver, we understand the thrill of live concerts at BC Place and strive to continue the rhythm of the night for our guests. Our DJ booth is always abuzz with the latest tracks from the artists who’ve just lit up the BC Place stage, transforming our space into a thematic extension of the concert events. We curate our music selection to resonate with the BC Place concert you’ve just attended.


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Curated Music Selection Echoing the Concert’s Rhythm

The DJs at The Pint Vancouver are at the heart of our unique post-concert experience. With a keen understanding of the diverse musical genres and styles that grace the stage at BC Place, they choose tracks that align with the recent concerts. As soon as the concert line-up is announced, our DJs delve into the discography of the performing artists, familiarizing themselves with their music and style.

They create comprehensive playlists, including the artists’ hit songs and lesser-known tracks showcasing their musical range. This in-depth exploration allows them to weave together a seamless auditory experience that mirrors the concert. The result is an atmosphere that pulsates with the same energy as the stage at BC Place, allowing our guests to continue their musical journey long after the concert has ended.

Whether you’ve just enjoyed a high-octane rock concert or a soulful jazz performance, our DJs ensure that the concert’s rhythm reverberates within The Pint Vancouver’s walls, making your night truly unforgettable.

Versatile Music Selection

At The Pint Vancouver, we recognize the diversity of our patrons’ musical tastes and respond with an equally versatile music selection. Regardless of the genre showcased at BC Place – be it rock, pop, country, electronic, or jazz – our DJs are well-equipped to cater to a broad spectrum of preferences.

Our music library is vast and varied, spanning multiple genres and eras, and our DJs are skilled at reading the room, ensuring the tracks they spin align with the specific tastes of the crowd on any given night. This versatility is a testament to our commitment to creating a welcoming atmosphere for all music lovers, making everyone feel included in the post-concert fun.

So, no matter your music taste, if it’s an artist you love, you can look forward to a music selection at The Pint that will keep the concert’s energy alive and accommodate your unique tastes.

Creating a Seamless Transition

The Pint Vancouver prides itself on creating a seamless transition from the concert experience at BC Place to the ensuing after-party within its energetic venue. This smooth transition is achieved through meticulously planned elements that mirror the concert environment, from our music selection to the overall atmosphere. As the last notes fade at BC Place, the beats start pumping, our DJs spinning tracks that resonate with the recently concluded concert.

The lighting, décor, and ambiance at The Pint are carefully orchestrated to echo the concert’s vibe, ensuring that the energy and elation from the show continue uninterrupted. Our attentive staff is well-versed in providing quick and efficient service, allowing guests to comfortably settle in and continue their musical journey.

This transition ensures that your concert experience doesn’t end at BC Place’s exit. Still, it continues to resonate with us, creating an immersive after-party experience that extends the fun and excitement of your concert night.

How to Join the Post-Concert Celebration

Joining the post-concert celebration (or during the whole concert if you couldn’t get tickets to the show) is simple and straightforward. If you’ve been a part of the exhilarating live performances at BC Place, follow the crowd of music enthusiasts, and you’ll find yourself at our doorstep in just a few minutes. We’re conveniently located near the venue, making it an effortless transition from the concert to our buzzing after-party.

We look forward to welcoming you and extending your concert experience with our curated music and vibrant atmosphere. After you get your tickets, plan to take a tour over to us at The Pint Vancouver, where the music never stops!

Make It A Concert Encore

We have established ourselves as the destination of choice for post-event concert celebrations near BC Place. We extend your concert experience beyond the confines of the venue, allowing you to revel in the energy and vibe of your favourite artists long after the performance has ended.

DJs, with their expert understanding of the diverse musical genres and an acute sense of the crowd’s mood, curate music selections that mirror the concert’s rhythm and cater to a wide range of musical preferences. Our convenient location, immersive atmosphere, and meticulously curated music ensure a seamless transition from the concert to our after-party, making your night unforgettable. The concert continues at The Pint Vancouver, and the music never stops!

We cordially invite you to join the exuberant atmosphere at The Pint Vancouver, where the concert’s energy continues to resonate long after the final notes have faded at BC Place. Engage with fellow music enthusiasts, share your concert experiences, and keep the party alive in an ambiance that echoes the night’s rhythm.

Step into The Pint Vancouver, where the music never stops, the connections run deep, and the night always promises unforgettable memories.

Let’s keep the concert vibe going together—see you there!


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